uChoose Rewards®

Start Earning cash back reward points While You Spend!

If you own a ACT 1st FCU debit card, you now have more choices – rewards for your debit card purchases that can be redeemed for a wide range of products or gift cards! With UChoose Debit Card Rewards, you have the ability to accumulate points and exchange them at numerous national, regional, local, and online retailers.

You must register your card to begin earning points. In the case of multiple debit cards associated with the same account, they will automatically be linked to your UChoose Rewards. However, each card requires a unique user ID. It is important to choose a user ID and password that are both memorable and secure.

1 Point for every $2 spent on Signature Transactions
1 Point for every $4 spent on PIN Transactions

Common Questions

What is uChoose Rewards?

How do I earn points?

Where can I earn points?

What can I redeem my points for?

When can I redeem my points?

Can I share points with family members?

Where can I view my point activity?

What if I shopped at a participating retailer, but my points are not showing up?

When I redeem for a product, can I ship my redemption to an address other than the one Act 1st FCU has on file for me?

Can points be redeemed at the point of purchase or can they only be redeemed online?

What will happen to my points if my card is lost or stolen?

If someone manages to get access to my uChoose Rewards username and password, can they redeem my points?

When redeeming can I send to a work address?

How much does it cost to participate?

What if I have another question?

Can I return my redemption item, and if yes, how do I do it?

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