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Christie Clark
Phone: 240-284-1251

K. Renae Holt
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 240-284-1253

Heather Dent
COO/Vice President of Member Services
Phone: 240-284-1252





Morgan McCormick
Vice President of Lending
Phone: 240-284-1254

Stephanie Boyd
Loan Officer
Phone: 240.284.1267

Julia Campbell
Automated Operations Specialist
Phone: 240.284.1257

Tracey Conner
Loan Officer
Phone: 240.284.1270

Anne Hutzell
Director of Marketing
Phone: 240.284.1259

Roxanne King
HR/Compliance Officer
Phone: 240.284.1255

Meredythe Lint
Branch Manager
Phone: 240.284.1261

Savannah Lipscomb
Loan Officer
Phone: 240.284.1272

Cathy McKenzie
Administrative Secretary/Account Specialist
Phone: 240.284.1269

Mollie McKenzie
Loan Officer
Phone: 240.284.1264

Misty Michaels
Collection Manager
Phone: 240.284.1258

Sarah Ryan
Mortgage/Home Equity Specialist
Phone: 240.284.1266

Yung Purdy
Sr. Loan Officer
Phone: 240.284.1265

Danielle Shafer
Loan Clerk
Phone: 240.284.1273

Kathy Stair
Loan Officer
Phone: 240.284.1263

Kathy Warnick
Plastics Specialist
Phone: 240.284.1256

Madison Watson
Loan Officer
Phone: 240.284.1271

Carrie Witt
Loan Officer
Phone: 240.284.1262

Peyton Wolfe
Loan Officer
Phone: 240.284.1250

Mailing Address (Main Office):
1313 National Highway STE 7, PMB 326
LaVale, MD 21502

Physical Address (Main Office):
14316 National Highway SW
LaVale, MD 21502

Mailing and Physical Address (Lee Street Office)
204 South Lee Street
Cumberland, MD 21502

Mailing Address (Messick Road Office)
PO Box 392
Cumberland, MD 21501

Physical Address (Messick Road Office)
11905 Messick Road
Cumberland, MD 21502


(Main Office) 301-729-8015
(Lee Street Office) 301-729-8015
(Messick Road Office) 301-729-8015


(Main Office) 301-729-2147
(Lee Street Office) 301-777-3928
(Messick Road Office) 301-724-1620


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ART (Audio Response Teller):

More information.

First Mortgage Loan Officer Contact:

Do you wish to have a loan officer contact you about a first mortgage loan? Simply complete this quick form for automatic routing to a loan officer. Calls are normally returned in 24 hours or less.

Lost or Stolen Debit MasterCard:

Call the Credit Union immediately at 301-729-8015 or 800-264-5578 after business hours.

Lost or Stolen VISA Credit Card:

Call the Credit Union at 301-729-8015, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Before or after these hours, call 800-325-3678.