Loan Payment Skip Program

ACT 1st FCU’s Loan Payment Skip Program lets you delay your monthly loan payment without affecting your credit score. This can help if you’re facing financial challenges or need extra funds for expenses like education, car repairs, or vacations. The deferred payment is added to the end of your loan term.

Qualified members have the option to defer 1 monthly loan payment per calendar year for eligible loans. Throughout the duration of the loan, a maximum of 7 payments can be skipped.
Consecutive payments cannot be skipped.

How To Qualify:

◦ Loan must be opened for 90 days and have at least one monthly payment applied
◦ Account(s) cannot be delinquent at the time of the skip payment request
◦ Member must be in good-standing


✓ New & Used Auto Loans*
✓ Recreational Merchandise
✓ Signature Loans
✓ Shared Secured Loans
✓ Money Market Secured
✓ Share Certificate Secured
✓ UCC Secured
✓ Trailer Loans


☒ 1st Time Auto Loans
☒ 2nd Act Auto Loans
☒ Real Estate Loans
☒ Business Loans
☒ Credit Card Payment


The cost is $25.00 for monthly loan payments that are $200 or less.
The cost is $50.00 for monthly loan payments that are $200.01 or greater.
The skip fee will be deducted from corresponding ACT 1st FCU savings or checking account. If funds are unavailable, the skip payment request will not be processed. The processing fee will not be added to loan balances.
Skips will be reviewed and processed within 20 days of submission.


Stop by any branch to make your request, give us a call, or sign the form virtually here . For any questions please contact us via secure email, at, text our collection line at (301) 882-8274, or give us a call at
(301) 729-8015.


While opting to forgo a substantial monthly payment during a costly period of the year might seem like a wise decision in certain situations, it is important to carefully consider these factors before proceeding with the program.

First, keep in mind that choosing to skip just one loan payment can lead to a break in the habit of making regular monthly payments. This can have a significant impact on your credit score, as payment history is one of the key factors influencing it. Skipping a payment without obtaining permission from your lender puts you at risk of harming your credit score.
Remember: this option is a one-month-only deal!

Therefore, it is essential to make your payments in full next month.
Second, if you find yourself in a position where you feel the need to utilize the skip-a-payment option every month, it could indicate financial difficulties and a requirement for assistance. It is advisable to take proactive measures now rather than falling into a deeper financial hole. Seek advice from a representative at ACT 1st FCU regarding financial guidance or reach out to our partners at GreenPath via (877) 337-3399 or click here to visit our co-branded website for assistance with your debt relief needs. We are always available to provide assistance! If you are contemplating utilizing the skip-a-payment option, please contact or visit ACT 1st FCU to speak with a member representative for complete details.

Loan Payment Skip Program Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Loan Payment Skip Program Work?

How Do I Know If My Loan Qualifies for the Loan Payment Skip Program?

When Should I Apply for to the Loan Payment Skip Program?

Interest will continue to accrue during non-payment, leading to higher finance charges and a longer loan repayment term. Debt Protection Coverage does not exempt the monthly premium during skipped payments. GAP coverage may not cover deferred payment. Terms and conditions remain unchanged. Consecutive monthly payments cannot be skipped. If members use payroll deduction, direct deposit, or electronic transfer to make loan payments, the skipped payment amount will be deposited into the corresponding savings or checking account. The credit union reserves the right to deny a deferral in accordance with laws and regulations. Loans must be open for at least 90 days with at least one monthly payment applied, and there should be no delinquency on loans or accounts at the time of the skip payment request. Skip payments cannot be made on loans with open debt protection claims. All borrowers must sign the Skip Payment Request forms, and separate forms are required for each eligible loan.

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