Identity Theft Protection

FraudScout® Identity Monitoring Services
Most fraud takes place under the radar. Personal data is taken from social media networks. Malware
on a computer captures personal information. Lines of credit are opened with stolen data. A data
breach exposes email addresses, passwords and other uniquely identifiable information.

For maximum security, you need cutting-edge identity management services that monitor a full range
of credit and non-credit information that are used to perpetrate fraud.

In partnership with Sollievo and powered by CyberScout® (formerly IDT911), the nation’s premier
provider of identity management services, ACT 1st Federal Credit Union members can
now purchase FraudScout® credit and fraud monitoring and take your identity protection to a whole
new level.

Plans & Pricing:

FraudScout Features Basic Package Advanced Package Premium Package
Credit Bureau Monitoring
Credit Bureau Report
Credit Bureau Score
Score Tracker
Cyber Internet Surveillance


Credit Bureau Monitoring                   1 Bureau                         3 Bureau
3 Bureau

Credit Bureau Report                       1 Bureau                         3 Bureau
3 Bureau
Credit Bureau Score                        1 Bureau                         3 Bureau
3 Bureau
Score Tracker                                                                              X
Cyber Internet Surveillance
Public Records Monitoring
Court Records Monitoring
SSN Trace
Payday Loan Monitoring

Pricing                                    $62/year                         $95/year
It’s easy for you to use these new services
After you purchase your optional credit monitoring service, FraudScout will keep a watchful eye on
both your credit information and your online reputations to keep your identity safe and privacy
levels high. If FraudScout detects potentially unscrupulous activity, you will receive an alert
followed by access to 24/7 full resolution support from our experienced fraud specialists who will
help every step of the way.
To learn more about FraudScout, contact us at 877.537.5662.