Home Equity Line of Credit

New roof?
New deck?
New siding?
New addition?

Use the equity in your home to complete YOUR improvement project!

Rates as low as 5.00% APR*

*Annual Percentage Rate based on July 2019 prime rate minus 0.25%. This is a variable rate and is subject to change monthly with a cap set at .50% per change. The maximum rate that may be charged is 5% above the initial rate. Risk based lending rules apply and loan rate is dependent upon credit worthiness. Line of credit is equal to 80% of appraised home value less amount of any existing liens. Payments will be calculated on a 120 month amortization. The minimum payment amount is $100.00. Payment is subject to change annually in December and will only adjust upward. A $75.00 application fee and $50.00 annual fee will apply. Further restrictions and requirements may apply.